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Tech giants Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are leading today's generation in the aerospace industry revolution. RedTail Partners allows you to buy an interest in a single engine airplane for $29,999 $9,999 and pursue your pilots license at your convenience. Join the revolution in your community; become a Retail Partner.

Be Different! Be Free! Be a Redtail!

RedTail Partnerships are a new innovative way that you can join the aerospace revolution by purchasing an aircraft interest and getting your pilot's license.


Fly Safely

Our aircraft come equipped with high tech safety features. As big proponents of flying safely, RedTail aircraft have BRS whole plane parachutes installed on all aircraft. This allows the plane to safely descend in an emergency.


Get Your Pilot License

RedTail Partnerships are targeted to people that do not currently have their pilot's license. If you don't have a pilot's license, a visual flight rule ("VFR") license can be obtained in 60 hours. You can begin enjoying the freedom of flying immediately.

Aircraft Locations

Aircraft located conveniently to Brooklyn, Manhattan and Jersey City. Conveniently only a short Lyft ride away.



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